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March 10th, 2012

i Lipo ultra plus

About i Lipo, by admin.

The i Lipo ultra plus is an evolution of the miraculous standard i lipo machine, which has offered already thousands of individuals the chance to acquire the well-toned body of their dreams. In this assessment, we are going to present you the extraordinary advantages of the i lipo ultra plus but, prior to that, let us briefly explain you the basic principles of the standard i lipo machine.

As you may already know, the secret of i lipo is that it can target its energy on specific fatty areas that show persistent resistance in melting their excessive fat no matter how hard you try with diet and exercise. i lipo uses concentrated laser energy of low intensity in order to trigger the natural fatty acid releasing process in order to create energy from the stored fat. As a result, fat shedding becomes tangible from the very first treatment delivering unmatched weight loss and toning almost immediately!

The i Lipo ultra plus is, in fact, this extremely effective fat melting concept in a more evolutionary and sophisticated implementation. Apart from the usual infra-red laser, it encompasses vacuum massage action which further promotes the removal of the released fat cell contents. This enables the treatment to focus better on the persistent fatty deposits and to provide ameliorated, almost unbelievable, fat shedding instantly and securely!

i Lipo ultra plus Advantages

To be a little more specific, the i lipo ultra plus machine uses a combination of 36 laser diodes, infra-red pads and the vacuum massage device so as to deliver a bunch of weight loss and health advantages. Below are arrayed some of them:

First of all, the i Lipo ultra plus suction action provided by the vacuum massage makes the best out of the infra-red laser function in order to to trigger the natural process of collagen production; as a result, the patient ends up with ameliorated blood circulation, renewed skin and cellulite improvement while the machine enhances lymphatic drainage, leading ultimately to rapid and natural fat loss. In addition, the photobiomodulation process that it creates is now ultra-effective, delivering more detailed body contouring and toning. What’s more, the i lipo ultra plus machine is able to grant these incredible results without bringing about any harm to the structures which surround the fatty areas which are treated (i.e. skin or blood vessels). Therefore, you end up slimmer without having to encounter the usual signs that follow a conventional liposuction operation, such as bruises, scars etc.
All these astonishing i lipo ultra plus results are not just allegations since this lipolysis method has been clinically tested and proven that it truly delivers results. However, even the advanced effectiveness of the i lipo ultra plus requires a change in the eating habits and the adoption of mild yet regular exercising in order to eliminate the fatty acids once and for all and experience a total and permanent transformation of your appearance.

The i Lipo ultra plus procedure itself is quite easy, painless, and even entertaining. A typical visit to the clinic means that you take a relaxed position (depending on the area that needs to be treated each time) and a number of pads and laser probes are positioned on the target area. During the procedure, you just experience a warm feeling and, after 20 minutes, you are free to go on with your ordinary life. A series of approximately 8 treatments are just ideal in order to completely eliminate your excessive fat and change your look.

So, take advantage of the i Lipo ultra plus amazing vacuum massage action and enjoy a slimmer, tighter and sexier body figure!

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