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March 8th, 2012

i Lipo Technology

About i Lipo, by admin.

If you belong to the category of people who have tried out every diet regime or work-out routine but ended up with poor results, it’s time you placed your bets on something more innovative that can deliver guaranteed effectiveness. The all new i Lipo technology is here and promises to grant rapid fat loss without necessitating extreme training or a diet plan which can lead you to starvation.

i Lipo technology – How it works?

So, how does i lipo work to shed the extra fat? Well, although the i lipo technology featured is state of the art, the basic idea that its creators had in mind is quite simple: this machine is designed to create chemical signals in the fat cells by emitting low levels of red laser light. The effect caused by this procedure is called photobiomodulation and its main characteristic is that it modifies the cells’ chemistry converting triglyceride molecules into glycerol molecules and fatty acids. If this procedure sounds somehow complicated to you, there is no need to fully understand it; what does matter is that the cells are now smaller and therefore can be used as fuel by the organism’s metabolic function to produce energy. Consequently, concentrated and persistent body fat is shed rapidly and seamlessly.

The secret of the magnificent i Lipo technology is that it can target its energy on specific trouble spots that that are traditionally less prone to fat melting. And that’s exactly the biggest advantage of i lipo over the conventional weight loss methods such as diet and exercising. Of course, this does not mean that whoever uses i lipo should rely exclusively on its power; the maximum results could only be achieved if you pair the i lipo technology with the traditional fat burning solutions we mentioned previously. (Especially after the first course of treatments have been completed, the patient should proceed to a change in the eating habits in order to maintain the weight loss outcome.) By doing so, a course of eight treatments (preferably performed in a two sessions per week ratio) would be sufficient so as to experience a total of 2-4 cm loss in the abdomen circumference. And if this doesn’t sound sufficient, you can go on with more treating sessions and achieve further fat shedding that can transform your body figure once and for all! After all, the i lipo device itself is simple and uncomplicated to use.

Whether you choose to have the treatments in a clinic or buy your own i lipo and handle it alone, the results are guaranteed. So, if you want to enjoy a slim, sculpted and sexy silhouette, you should really take advantage of the i Lipo technology as soon as possible!

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